VQ Customized Ruger MKIII “Hunter”

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A few were asking about parts so here’s a listing:

Scope is an Adco International Alpha Dot scope (much like an ultradot)

For the gun itself I did the following:

* Volquartsen RH Target Grips
* Volquartsen Extended slide release
* Volquartsen EDM Extractor
* Volquartsen target trigger and accurizing kit
* Volquartsen V-Comp

I think thats about it! Shoots like a laser gun. I never, EVER clean it and it seems to like this treatment best. I blast it out with gunscrubber and clean the bore but rarely disassemble. I’ve put thousands and thousands of rounds through it between cleanings and it always shoots better dirty. I use it for bullseye pistol and a rimfire pin shooting league and am competitive with all the guys shooting Pardini and Walther target guns so I’m happy 🙂

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