Two Swedish Air force Saab JAS 39 Gripens fly over the Swiss Alps

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>A lot of voters disagreed in 2012

I’m sorry but if it comes to economics, popular votes are not where I’m looking for an opinion. The average voter doesn’t comprehend the first thing about economics. Most of those voters polled likely said they were against the purchase of the new fighters because they were against military expenditures to begin with.

If we stick to the preamble that:

a) the Swiss Air Force will not be dismantled because of political and safety reasons*

b) we can’t keep fixing up old ’80s fighters

c) without replacement, the SAF becomes too small to effectively patrol Swiss air space

Then it’s logical that the SAF would pick the cheapest, most cost-effective fighter jet model.

Look, I dislike military spending as much as the next guy, but we can’t just completely eliminate the SAF and depend on neighbors to do our air patrolling for us.


*Fighter jets are used to provide no-fly zone air cover during the WEF and other political events, and to patrol Swiss air space, which is a necessity both for safety (forcing clandestine flights to ground, terrorism, etc.) and for eventual rapid [investigative reasons]( (jets were scrambled to escort the plane to an airport but were first to notice everyone on board was dead).

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