Things I like – Interarms Walther PPK

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I use it when I don’t want to carry around the d750 and all those fixed lenses. That’s what I bought it for not very long ago. From my first shots I can’t really tell if it lives up to its hype for me. It’s very well made and looks great. It renders the colours in a very pleasing way and I like the mechanic feeling of it / working with it in general.

I wish it had a 50mm equivalent lens though. I was never really a huge fan of the 35mm focal length but that’s a personal thing. It’s also pretty difficult to get serious shallow depth of field and when you’re getting too close at f2 or even f2.5 its horribly unsharp (I knew that before I bought it but still). I’m going to use it a lot more in the next few weeks and then decide if I want to keep it. A lot of people love the camera so I guess my opinion is not beyond all blame.

That may have sounded pretty negative. I’m actually pretty satisfied with the photographs I took with it.Hope that helps!

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