SCAR 17s, SPAS 12, PA8

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Well first, the SPAS 12 scene in Jurassic Park was what initially interested me in firearms as a kid. From that interest budded a huge part of my life and a hobby I love. I finally was able to find one in good shape two years ago, but after buying it I couldn’t shoot it.

One thing about the SPAS is that there were a couple parts that originally came with them that were made of a rubber/plastic that rotted away after about 10 years or so, and without them it’s inadvisable to shoot them or the gun could potentially damage itself. Once the parts are replaced, the guns are fine, but there were no reliable sources for the parts (as well as updated sources of information about the guns).

So on Reddit a couple years ago, myself and a few other SPAS owners that got sick of staring at them just sitting in the safe decided to try and start a new site that could source original parts and create new parts for the guns, as well as a frequently updated information resource for SPAS owners, and that’s what the SPAS 12 Project is.

Basically we took on a project to see if we could make a positive impact on the reputation of the gun, to get people the parts, guides, etc. they needed to encourage people to get them out and shoot them, with the end goal of sharing them with others to get them interested in shooting as a hobby in general. It’s a great gun to bridge new shooters from “hey I saw one of those in Call of Duty” to actually getting out and firing a gun, hopefully sparking their interest in firearms.

Sorry that’s not very concise, haha. Basically we love the SPAS and want to keep it around instead of getting thrown in a closet forever.

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