Olympic Arms with Daniel Defense barrel, PVS-14 Night Vision, EOTech, and DBAL I2

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This looks like an airsoft gun to me for several reasons. [Picture for reference](http://i.imgur.com/yA54RLO.png)

A: The bolt carrier has stamped dimples where there should be machined holes, and looks like stamped sheet metal.

B: The lower receiver looks too long, like ICS M4 airsoft rifles.

C: The selector indicator looks fake, and just stamped into the receiver. It also has the fun setting which would be rare for an OA lower (but not for an ICS OA airsoft gun). The receiver pins (not takedown pins) also look fake and stamped.

D: You can see the gearbox (lighter colored metal) through the hole in the lower, also this hole is much larger than it should be.

Also the mag release is shorter than it should be and has a screw in the center, which I have never seen on real AR. The [airsoft version is like this though](http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s155/Bronco5150/M4-Grip.jpg)

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