Norinco MAK-90

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Love seeing Norincos pop up from time to time. My dad traded his old Beretta for one about 15 years ago. Came configured with the Fiberfoce Dragunov stock. Learned why they were a bit better than some of the other various models out there and I love the thing. Its held up very well over the years with trips out to the deer stand and range days.

About 3 years ago I stopped by a local shop during lunch, just to see what they had, and found a nearly mint Norinco SKS. I went wide eyed and snatched the thing up quickly.

Then, about a year and a half ago I learned that the H&R Pardner Pump (Rem 870 clone) was manufactured at the Norinco factory. I needed a basic shotgun and it was a great price at $200. Built like a tank too, just like everything else that comes out of that factory.

I finally broke my Norinco streak when I purchased a Molot Vepr 12. Now, Ill probably stick with them for my next AK type purchase, exceedingly happy with the quality, but make no mistake, I still love my Norincos.

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