Might not be as pretty as some fixed blades or folders on here, but these are such a widely owned tool so I thought I’d share my Victorinox Swiss Army Champ.

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Does it have a locking blade?

Also how many of those tools do you use? I only ask because I see a lot of people with Swiss Army knives who literally don’t use the tools and just have them for the novelty, and I can’t help but groan every time I see it.

I mean I used to have one with slightly fewer tools and I used it working on a farm one summer and I literally never used anything but the knife and the worlds shittiest bottle opener and on occasionally the tweazers and scissors. Everything else was kind of pointless. Also the blade is made of possibly the softest metal of all time and I had to sharpen it constantly. Plus it doesn’t lock so that makes it kind of dangerous to boot.

So when I finally lost it, I bought a leatherman skeletool, which is a pair of pliers with a knife, a 4 in 1 screw driver, and a far superior bottle opener built into it. That’s all and all of these are tools that ill use on a moments notice, as opposed to a useless saw or can opener. Plus it stays sharp much longer and it’s sleeker and fits more comfortably in ones pocket.

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