Mateba MTR-8 .38 Special revolver

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What if I told you that, in many cases, the downfall of short barreled revolvers is not their inherent accuracy, or lack of it, but the short sight radius? What if I told you people (well, one that I know of, presumably more) have made 200 yard shots on dinner plates with a Saturday night special? What if I told you that this gun has a much longer sight radius than most snubby revolvers, making it substantially easier to shoot precisely?

I have no idea why I presented all of that in question form. I am telling you all of those things. Which is not to say that snubby’s are as accurate as long barrels, but IS to say that the typical downfall of snubby’s is operator-driven and not inherent to the design. They don’t point as well, and have shorter sight radii, and therefore are way harder to shoot, so most people never actually encounter the limitations of the gun, because they have not overcome their own limitations in using it.

I don’t have time, at this moment, on my phone, to track it down, but bob munden did some neat tricks with a Saturday night special out to like 200 yards, if memory serves.

Now I’ve never operated this particular machine, the Mateba-whatever-the-heck, but from a theoretical standpoint, it’s not a bad design. What you lose from a short barrel you may well gain back from placing the recoil along a lower line, and providing an improved sight radius. This might be a solid design, much like there is a reason bullpups have not gained universal use. Barrel length is not everything. in many cases, sacrificing barrel length for improved ergonomics is a sound choice.

Just some stuff to consider. I’ll try to come back later and link the video of Bob Munden doing long range magic with a tiny little gun.

EDIT: here’s bob munden, plinking at 200 yards with a belly gun:

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