M1 Garand

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Especially during Stalingrad many Russian troops completely out gunned the Germans with their sub machine guns and semi auto rifles whereas most Germans had their K98s. After that the Germans made it a big priority to make sure everyone had semi auto guns like the MP40, STG44 and G43. Realistically the Germans had lost the war after the Battle of Kursk in 1943 and it turned into a slow retreat for them. The Russians probably would have won the war without the allied countries landing on Dday but would have been at a later date in 1945 and who knows what the Russians would have done with the rest of Europe if the allies hadn’t cleaned out all the other German occupied areas. Like you said you can’t pinpoint one factor as to why the allies won because there are many reasons… Was it an awesome weapon? For sure. I would think the Semi-Auto feature had a much more dramatic effect in the Pacific theater than European.

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