Kashmiri Muslim protesters beat an Indian police officer during a protest on the outskirts of Srinagar, India

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Yes, there are police in India who are corrupt and unprofessional, but that is not unique to just India. The US has their own trouble with law enforcement as well, which has been highlighted on Reddit multiple times, but it doesn’t take away from the fact there are many more good cops who do their jobs very well and are willing to go above and beyond. The same thing applies to India. There are many cops doing what they are supposed to do. In response to /user/bobo970, I agree and I don’t think many people deny that there have been situations in Kashmir that have been handled poorly by the police, but they face adversities that not many nations around the world have encountered. A lot of these protests are violent and are backed/funded by terrorists from Pakistan. The police also face naxalite terrorists in Western India, which doesn’t make it any easier for them. The reason bobo970 is being downvoted is for blatantly bashing one side, especially on a subreddit particularly dedicated to showing the contributions of law enforcement, without acknowledging that there is fault to be found with both sides.

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