In 1930 Soviet Union intended to build behemoth flying tanks, but scraped the plans due to crash of first prototype

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I’m sorry, but both you and /u/AtomicKaiser are missing a few details.

The T34 was a further refined development of the BT series of tanks, which were based upon the US Christie lightly armoured fast tank designs the the Soviets bought the rights to in the 1930’s.

Stalin purged his officer corps in the 30’s, so the Soviets lost a large amount of knowledge on how to operate large forces. The Initial tank forces were well trained, as the Soviets had recognised the importance of the tank as a cavalry replacement very soon after the first world war and Red v White civil war within Russia.

During the Soviet invasion of 1939-40 of Finland the Soviet forces fielded mostly T26, T28 and BT7 series tanks and they were found to be easily defeated due to their light armour.

As a result production lines were changed to concentrate on the T34 series, but by June 22nd 1941 only small numbers had made their way to various units. The Majority of the Soviet tanks the Germans faced were old outdated, poorly maintained models of T26, BT7, the mammoth T35 etc. Production levels of the T34 were hampered by the Soviet retreat of manufacturing facilities to behind the Ural’s – with the exception of the Tank plant in Leningrad producing mostly KV’s and the Stanlingrad tractor factory producing T34’s.

In the initial invasion of the Soviet Union the Germans struggled to defeat both the KV1 and T34 with their standard light tanks which were mostly armed with 20mm, 37mm and 50mm cannons. Superior speed, tactics, training and radios in all of the German tanks helped defeat the threat and often they simply immobilised the tank with a hit to the tracks and either moved on leaving the infantry to destroy it with explosives, or they would outflank it and target the rear lighter armour of the engine deck.

The main anti tank guns of the Germans at the time were also 37mm and 50mm, with the 88mm being used as a stop gap role, or where the encountered significant resistance – The same occurred in France in 1940 and the 88mm’s were often mounted on half track chassis to provide better mobility. The 37mm anti tank gun was issued with a new oversized war head to defeat the heavier tanks, but the 75mm anti tank gun was the main solution to come into effect.

By the Spring of 1942 many of the Panzer mark 3’s had been withdrawn, or in the process of being withdrawn and converted to the long barreled 75mm Sturmgeschütz III as replacements. The long barreled 75mm had little problem in defeating the T34 at a respectable range and was used through until the end of the war.

Initial versions of the Panzer Mark 6 – Tiger were making their way to the Eastern front in 1942 and their long barreled 88m could knock out anything the Soviets had at long range.

The initial T34 76mm L11 cannon was terrible and this was upgraded pretty quickly to the F34 which could defeat most German tanks if they got close enough.

Due to large losses in the early stages of the Soviet campaign, Soviet forces were often sent out with a minimum of training, but this improved dramatically as the war progressed with several months of training as the norm.

As for Stalingrad, that was nothing more than a first world war battle of attrition that the Soviets won, as their supply lines and winter preparations were better.

Tanks were useless on both sides with the exception of the final break out and encirclement of the 6th Army, whose [flanks were defended by Italian, Romanian, Hungarian forces with few heavy weapons to be able to fight off the Soviet thrusts] (

If you want to talk tank battles, then look no further than [Kursk] (

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