Finnish NH90 and Special Jaegers from the Utti Jaeger Regiment.

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Finns adopted the word Jäger from the Germans during WW1 when young Finnish men traveled to Germany for military training (so they could fight the Russians for Finnish independence).

When the Jägers came back home in 1918 they found the (now 1 year old) country in a bloody civil war instead. Most (if not all) sided with the “Whites” against the “Reds” and after the civil war was over, the Jägers formed the core of the new Finnish Army and that’s why the term is still very widely in use.

Just off the top of my head I can think of:

* Jääkäri (Jäger) – Frontline Infantry

* Erikoisjääkäri (Special Jäger) – The Army’s professional special forces. To serve here you usually did your conscription period as either a Laskuvarjojääkäri or a Erikoisrajajääkäri.

* Panssarijääkäri (Panzer Jäger, Armored Jäger) – Mechanized Infantry

* Rajajääkäri (Border Jäger) – The Border Guard’s Infantry unit, specializing in reconnaissance, guerilla warfare and sabotage missions.

* Erikoisrajajääkäri (Special Border Jäger) – The Border Guard’s elite Infantry, a special force.

* Kaupunkijääkäri (Urban Jäger) – Frontline Infantry specializing in urban warfare.

* Laskuvarjojääkäri (Airborne Jäger, Parachute Jäger, Fallschirmjäger) – Specializing in reconnaissance, sabotage and guerrilla warfare, an airborne special force.

* Rannikkojääkäri (Coastal Jäger, “Marines”) – The Navy’s amphibious Infantry, specializing in fighting on the tens of thousands of small islands in the archipelago sea in south-western Finland and the coast line.

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