Chiappa Triple Crown Shotgun – mic –

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In the UK shotguns which hold more than 2+1 rounds are counted as “Section 1 firearms” rather than shotguns, and require a firearms certificate rather than a shotgun license to own, and this is a bit harder to get. Still not nearly as hard as people seem to think, but you have to state a reason why you want a gun like that rather than just having a double-barrel shotgun for hunting or clay shooting like 95% of shotgun owners do. In the UK you have to state the reason you want a rifle or shotgun when you apply for your license/certificate. This is usually “target shooting”, “clay shooting”, “pheasant hunting” etc. and “self-defence” is NOT a valid reason. No police force in the UK would grant a firearms certificate to own a USAS-12 or the like on the basis of clay pigeon shooting.

I see no problems with a triple-barrelled shotgun here. They’re not at all common, but are perfectly legal and would be considered ordinary shotguns, easily purchasable once you’ve passed the criminal background check and so forth, and have your shotgun license.

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