Top 1000 Police Pictures

Bike cop

Well the IDF doesn’t wear camo and I wore OG/OD stuff in the British army. Olive green has traditionally been a colour worn by armies and not police. These guys are decked out in Cry Precision clothing worn almost exclusively by military personnel, in

The SWAT bot – mobile ballistic shield for police

What’s the gun? It almost looks like an [M3]( I don’t see anything on their [extensive webpage]( for an SMG. I found a [higher-res version]( and it looks like an SMG with a rail-mounted forward grip.

Rosewell PD pose for a picture

Am I the only one who saw the shadow of the bloke abseiling down the wall before I actually saw the two abseiling? At first I was trying to figure out if it was the shadow of a drone, lol. It’s been a long

Dutch army police

A lot of problems with different forces conducting the same investigstion and not sharing information or sometimes even blocking eachother. This became really apparent with a few high profile cases where murders or even a pedophile could have been caught a lot earlier and