Top 1000 Police Pictures

Trooper Nathan Bradley, faced with the task of informing four children that their parents had been killed in a car wreck on Halloween, decided to take the kids for the evening and allow them to enjoy Halloween. He also started an online fundraising campaign to help the family.

I read the story on the gofundme page yesterday it is one of the most gut wrenching things I have ever read. I’m at work and it’s all I thought about since yesterday. I don’t know how he was able to keep his composer

Israeli Special Patrol Unit – Yasam

Can confirm, these guys are fucking nuts. M16, pistol, and tactical knife and happy to use if you give them shit. Israeli, Arab, or stupid drunk tourist, don’t fuck with these guys. Edit: I know that’s an M4, but when I was in Israel

80 years difference in batons

I have actually found that that is not true, they may be easier to carry and more convenient but the old nightsticks have more force behind them and are much more capable of taking someone down. I have seen many cases where the collapsable

FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team in Boston, 2013

I’ll give the HRT a “pass” for wearing tacticool equipment given that they’re better trained than most of the SWAT teams in the country (they do train with Delta after all). Besides, at least they know how to mount their optics correctly. Unlike one

Swedish Piketen (SWAT).

Relevant information: There are 3 Piket-units based in 3 different regions in Sweden, Malmoe, Gothenburg and Stockholm. The units are tasked with handling typical SWAT tasks such as hostage situations, high-risk arrests, confronting armed criminals, reconnaissance, counter terrorism support, and to some extent riot
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