Top 1000 Police Pictures

A group of NYPD officers in New York City

We just call them NYPD turtlenecks, don’t think there is a special name for them. I’m sure if you called and said you wanted one like the NYPD turtlenecks they would know what you were talking about and could make one for you.

Toronto Police officer in Afghanistan

If he was EX Toronto Police…he wouldn’t have been wearing the TPS shoulder flash on his right arm. Canada has a long standing tradition of sending municipal Police officers to TRAIN local Police over seas. In the past we have been in Haiti, Jamaica,

Metropolitan CTSFOs

Well, look at the Sydney Lindt cafe siege. Tactical Assault Group East (TAG-E), were not brought in because it was a single perpetrator, it was a window-filled open cafe and Police capabilities were considered to be more than enough to end the siege violently

Officers from NYPD’s 48th Precinct in 1971

I couldn’t find any good history information on the net, but I think that style of winter blouse was used into the 1980s. In all my recent visits to NYC, I’ve never seen an officer with that or even the leather jacket the other

St Louis County Police K9 Unit Holds Back Protesters. Ferguson MO.

LA, Houston, Dallas, San Fran, DC, Philly, Piit, Miami, Orlando all have red on drivers side. NY is all red. Chicago and Boston are all blue. Old DC has blue on drivers side but not current. I never said there was a uniform

Hey LEO’s check out these badge holders!

Well let’s not be a grumpy pumpkin! Thanks for taking time out of your day to check this product out and I am certain after viewing them you will easily see how badge holders save lives. Now combine that with high-visibility (hi-vis) capabilities and

My poppy tribute.

It’s to commemorate fallen service personnel. It’s run by a charity that looks after veterans welfare and people donate whatever they want for a poppy to wear on their jackets etc or poppy related things such as the car poppies. All the money raised

Oregon State Police Trooper with his rig and Mt Hood.

That is a VERY nice picture and a awesome uniform. I only hope for every Oregon State Police-officer sake they don’t have to work every day in those cavalry style boots. I had to work in [these]( some years ago and after a couple
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