Top 1000 Police Pictures

2015 Ford Interceptor

Balanced by having to look at the MDT. And you glance over to see that the LPR has misread the “CALL BEFORE YOU DIG” warning on a PG&E truck as a stolen plate out of Orinda.

Bike cop

Well the IDF doesn’t wear camo and I wore OG/OD stuff in the British army. Olive green has traditionally been a colour worn by armies and not police. These guys are decked out in Cry Precision clothing worn almost exclusively by military personnel, in

The SWAT bot – mobile ballistic shield for police

What’s the gun? It almost looks like an [M3]( I don’t see anything on their [extensive webpage]( for an SMG. I found a [higher-res version]( and it looks like an SMG with a rail-mounted forward grip.