Top 1000 Police Pictures

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Emergency Response Team

> Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald first began planning a permanent force to patrol the North-West Territories after the Dominion of Canada purchased the territory from the Hudson’s Bay Company. Reports from Army officers surveying the territory led to the recommendation that a

LAPD Badge Close-up from SouthLAnd

Haha, some do, some don’t. And I mostly wrote that just to be silly. But I was taught to keep mine under the flap/hidden so it isn’t a snatchable weapon of opportunity. Far fetched? Maybe. But why not reduce that risk where possible. My

Finnish police officer rejects an offer.

All this flower giving thing is bullshit. The police are on duty, he aint got time to be holding onto flowers. These hipsters are basically setting them up to look like assholes when they inevitably not take the flowers.

RCMP Emergency Response Team members

Unless you’re storming through a front door most kits dont necessarily warrant a full kevlar get up. In the first guys case he is using an impact helmet, which would protect his noodle if he was repelling in an urban situation. The second would

2015 Ford Interceptor

Balanced by having to look at the MDT. And you glance over to see that the LPR has misread the “CALL BEFORE YOU DIG” warning on a PG&E truck as a stolen plate out of Orinda.