Top 1000 Military Pictures

A female Apache helicopter pilot of 656 Squadron, 4 Regiment Army Air Corps prepares for a sortie from Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Note the L22 carbine, a shortened version of the L85 assault rifle issued to helicopter and vehicle crews for emergency personal defence.

>measurably increased chance of evading capture Pilots don’t go looking for trouble once they go down, they try to avoid it at all cost. Considering that, once they ditch their parachute, they don’t carry much gear, they can be much more mobile than infantry

Model Rachelle Leah tries her hand with an M4 while visiting American soldiers

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Royal Swedish Navy Visby-Class Corvette

Correct. Links: It was supposed to be fitted with South African Umkhonto surface-to-air missiles, but these were scrapped because of budgetary reasons. Railings can be fitted on deck, it also has a helicopter landing plattform and carries towed array sonars.

Iraqi Shia Militia fighting against Isis

That is pretty much the direction that Republican and especially capitalist-libertarian politics would bring us back to, however. As capital merges (a natural process of the system of capitalism where only the most profitable businesses can survive), oligopoly situations appear on their own. And

Newly deployed Chinese soldiers in South Sudan.

I’ve been on exercises with the PLAGF, most recently this year on a survival exercise (I’m an Aussie). US Army joined in as well. As far as their training goes, they’re… different. The Chinese do some stuff differently, and often better (holy shit can

“I’m a lighthouse. Your call”

Most of my american side of the family is in the military and I know a bunch of these. My favorite goes like this; (For the ones that dont know, Gurkhas are the name given to the warriors from a region in Nepal. They

Dutch F-16

I was wondering why “One Team, One Mission” was in English instead of Dutch, but then I remembered that A. only someone in a plane would see that so B. they would speak English because English is the language of the sky (i.e. if

Soviet sailors on Missile Cruiser Kalinin, 1955, Pacific Fleet.

Fantastic shot! Really atmospheric. However, my inner warship pedant has to point out that this *[Kalinin](* wasn’t a missile cruiser. She was a [Kirov class cruiser]( armed with guns not missiles. You’re probably thinking of [this]( *Kalinin* which was [Kirov class battlecrusier]( and these

Modern day Viking!

>introduced a shitty nongender word like Hen lolwut. It was basically just suggested (by some random guy) as an alternative when the gender is unknown or irrelevant. Like if you’re writing about a thief and don’t want to use “the thief” over and over

Russian soldier deployed in Krim, Ukraine. March 1, 2014 ….. It is becoming clear that the Nuland/neocon/NED campaign against Russia in Ukraine was probably a covert action intended to punish Russia for not supporting US/Israeli/Saudi and Turkish policy in Syria and to some extent with regard to Iran. I have no specific

Modern Tank Size Comparison by Sanity-X

There are other disadvantages to having very heavy tanks. For one, you can’t cross rivers because small bridges need to be strong enough to hold the tanks, and soft muddy ground when fording isn’t going to be very easy to get out of if

Weapons room. Possible date 2008.

Well wasn’t an armorer, I was the infantry guy picked by his command to sit in the armory and hand out weapons, take them in, count, and keep track. In the infantry we do it all not armory personnel. Reason it sucked was working