Top 1000 Military Pictures

Very large US Navy Carrier Battle Group.

Russia and China don’t really have carrier battle groups, so they don’t use submarines to protect them. The whole Soviet naval strategy for war with the US was to block reinforcement of NATO forces in Europe by cutting off the sea lanes from the

Soviet convoy in Afghanistan

The Bear Went over the Mountain focuses on the Russian side of the conflict, pulling from officers vignettes and an analysis of them by the Frunze military academy, followed by Lester Grau’s own analysis; It features detailed accounts of movements and emplacements where needed

Being tested for earning a red beret in Belarus

I’m pretty sure they are blanks you know why? He’s firing on full auto (because it wouldn’t be good training if it were semi) and he’s also not shouldering it. That weapon, if it were shooting real rounds, would rise dramatically on even a

Gun Bay from P-51 Mustang

Even though we couldn’t get in most of them we could get up close to all of them. It was pretty awesome to get up close and see the details. The ball turret was a highlight for the kids. I hope you get more

Barret .50 Cal Muzzle Blast

[Peace Activist Has To Admit Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Is Pretty Cool](,234/).

F-14 flying without a canopy

Jesus, lighten up, Francis. She’s been dead over 20 years. To answer your q, I read a bio of her (the title was something like “Call Sign Revlon”, mostly because I like reading flying books. Feminism . . . bores me. The book detailed

Indian soldiers at Siachen, the highest army outpost on earth

> You do realize that literally no other country that makes it’s own small arms has to deal with that right? The fact that you can rationalize your way out of it is hilarious though. Literally? Okay, let’s see. “Beginning intensely in 1966,

Size comparison between F 15 and a car

The one thing I always found interesting was how the police would “learn to think like a (terrorist, criminal, fugitive)” and then use the tactics learned against the SRT and ART teams in exercises. Very little actually became crooks but things seemed to be

Not sure if this is ok with the rules, but you can now buy your own 10 acres Danish military sea fort from 1890. Complete with barracks, helipad, harbor and 5 miles of tunnels. Price is $2.75M

Here it is on a [map](https:[email protected],12.6612626,856m/data=!3m1!1e3). I’m confused by this paragraph in the translation: “The island is secured by kampestensglacis. The entire facility covers an area of ​​7 acres and it covers up the island four hectares. Dækmolen encircling the island with the watery

Russian TERMINATOR Fire Support Combat Vehicle BMPT

soviets probably have (had?) everything that the americans have, except stealth bombers and fighters (and aircraft carriers, obviously), they have this satellite network called GLONASS that can be used to guide bombs (just like USA uses GPS to guide JDAM), GLONASS was supposed to

Frozen M2 Browning loaded with blanks

As others have mentioned, it is using a special barrel that is designed for blanks and short range training ammunition. This barrel is ported at the 1/3 waypoint, just after the barrel shroud. A sleeve bushing is threaded on to the barrel shroud, creating