Top 1000 Military Pictures

A Spitfire pilot nudging a V-1 off course. 1944-1945

From Wikipedia: The V-1 guidance system used a simple autopilot to regulate altitude and airspeed, developed by Askania in Berlin.[8] (The RLM at first planned to use a radio-control system with the V-1 for precision attacks, but the government decided to instead use the

F-15 at Night

*One of these has literally just gone down* where I live. Pilot made it out OK but the jet is destroyed. Lucky as it was very close to a school here in England. Pictures from a distance, Close Up Edit* more

The Tu-160 “Blackjack”

The TU 160 is absolutely massive and insanely fast. It’s max takeoff weight is 275 000kg, yet it can still reach mach 2. Compared to similar US bombers, the closest in speed is the B1 which gets up to Mach 1,6. In carry capacity


The Stridsfordon 90, or Combat Vehicle 90, from BAE Systems AB. An advanced platform in use by the Swedish armed forces since 1993 and exported to various European nations. The main Swedish version is the [infantry fighting vehicle](, featuring an impressive 40mm Bofors autocannon.

German MedEvac helicopter (CH-53) near Mazar-e Sharif

Yup, the RAF painted their chinooks a nice desert pink/sand for GW 1. Stood out like a cock at a convent and had to be painted over with black paint and brushes bought at a DIY store.

Before and after! Leopard 2SG with Leopard 2A4

Well, it’s not just a question of how thick or effective your external armour is. Internal crew protection measures are just as important. For instance, the ammunition in the Abrams is stored in armoured compartments with blow off panels. In addition, each individual round
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