Top 1000 Military Pictures

Marines rush across a danger area in Fallujah in later 2004. It was the only battle in the history of the Marine Corps in which fliers were dropped to alert the enemy when the Marines would begin their sweep.

I will tell you who gives away their plans–a military force who practices moral leadership. Fallujah attracted foreign fighters from all over the Middle East, and many of the insurgents were residents of Fallujah. Fallujah had hundreds of thousands of civilians–women, children, and the

D-Day, Operation Overlord – June 6, 1944

You did nothing wrong; it was this exchange I responded to: “[–]HAGOODMANAUTHOR 2 points 11 hours ago Your grandfather must have been a courageous, and amazing human being. [–]MikeGayner 10 points 10 hours ago Or possibly an unwitting conscript. Let’s be honest.” What the

Norwegian Skjold-class corvette covered in ice

And it would also be completely impractical in its intended role, or for any other conceivable role the Norwegian Navy would be interested in filling. Hybrid propulsion was actually used initially, but served no real purpose in a craft designed to operate in coastal

Head On with the Osprey , looking nothing short of a Sci-Fi machine

What? |platform|range|top speed|capacity| |:–|:–|:–|:–| V-22|870nmi|351mph|20000lb internally/10000lb externally CH-46|550nmi|166mph|5000lb CH-53E|540nmi|196mph|30000 internally/externally CH-53K|460nmi|196mph|35000 internally/externally Super and King Stallions can carry more, but the V-22s can carry it further and faster than anything else the USMC has. Also, the newest heavy helo, the CH-53K, costs $20M *more*

Assault rifles and Carabines

The concept of the assault rifle is from taking a full power rifle cartridge and shortening it down to a smaller round because the extra power and range was not necessary for most engagements. If you trace the origin of the assault rifle to

US Navy SEAL moments before a HALO Jump

I understand why there is some debate around whether this is indeed a HALO jump or not, but I will stick by my original naming of the title. Oxygen is not required for HALO jumps, only upwards of ~18,000ft ASL is oxygen required, and

U.S. Fleet off Okinawa in 1945

This is really simplifying it but the Commander Amphibious Task Force (CATF) is responsible for sea control and assigning the designated operational areas as well as wave assignments and all that. They would work with the Commander Landing Force (CLF) using liaisons in combat

Swedish OMLT in Afghanistan.

Well originally they were there to catch the brass since Swedes didn’t have protecting glasses when the AK4 was standard issue and brass shards/dust would fly up in the eyes on the shooter so the catcher caught everything leaving the gun to prevent damage

B-52 Boneyard in Tucson, Arizona

More pictures: [one]( [two]( [three]( [four]( [five]( [overhead]( [another overhead](

T-80 tank in an “interesting” camouflage

> not “inferior” per se, just different philosophies. A gas turbine can EASILY pump out 1000+ hp, while diesels have only gotten that good in the last 20 years or so, usually with turbocharging. Yeah, that’s what I mean. That is the only downside

You sure the resolution is correct?

I disagree. Those systems are only effective against kinetic energy projectiles if they are combined with heavy armor. All they do to a APFSDS shell is to change its angle of attack i.e. [it will hit sideways.]( That projectile still has the same amount
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