Top 1000 Military Pictures

Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master

Subsonic, no radar, short range, and fairly low payload. Not so great in a real fight against a first rate military. But for a small nation with limited defense needs, it (and it’s Yak-130 sibling) can definitely serve in a pinch.

Crazy American Paratrooper, note the claymore

Low opening would be 2-5K’, depending on training vs. emergency, civilian vs. military and a number of other factors(environmental and situational). Here is a pretty cool video with some extra info: [youtube]( The biggest difference between military and civilian is the amount of gear(weight)

Night Artillery

Heh, where that second line ends, it looks a little orange space shuttle. You can see a ghostly image of him where he must have stood still for a short time or perhaps was there when the gun fired exposing him, the light seems

The Magach 6.

Now you’re just being silly. The “concept” of Palestine? Syria-Pallaestina was established by adding *Roman* Southern Syria to *Judaea* (you know, the place were “Jude”, “Ya’hud”, “Jews” come from). The place documented in the *Judeo*-Roman Wars? Now, what did precipitate that name change ?

three B-2 spirits and a B-52 during operation Iraqi freedom

While the B-2 *can* take out radar installations, that’s not really it’s forte. AFAIK, it doesn’t carry any anti-radiation missiles (missiles designed to home in on radar emissions, and destroy the enemy radar installation). There is, however, an entire concept in the US military

A Challenger 2 MBT firing a shell at night

There’s a deeper explanation than simply “rifling tends to wear out”. You see, tanks were first designed to fight fortified infantry. That required lobbing high-explosive (HE) rounds which, well, exploded. Excellent for destroying bunkers and killing the infantry inside. The US Army in World

A SR-71 Blackbird lights up the sky with its afterburners

The [J58]( is a combination ramjet/turbojet engine. They use a clever arrangement of doors to adjust the flow. Ramjets are basically (*not really*) an afterburner anyway, because they get their compression from the geometry of the engine, and their thrust from the direct combustion

Afghan special forces soldier.

The Taliban stopped herion production for one year. Then realized the loss in revenue was unacceptable. *During the Taliban rule, Afghanistan saw a bumper opium crop of 4,500 metric tons in 1999,.[13]* *In July 2000, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, collaborating with the United

F-22 Raptor plays chicken

perhaps a carrier deck I was deployed twice with two very different airframes, and sizes and it was common place for the specs to launch the planes In most scenarios if you start trying to tell the pilot to do something that will harm

Beriev Be-12 flying over Russian navy ships

write more, thats all i have to say. literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. you clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be

61 Captured Somali Pirates Aboard An Indian Naval Ship

I’m actually working through my cognitive scientist lenses, which generally agree with the Compatibilism theory of Free Will. You have free will, it’s just you’re only going to make the choice that your currently-held information backs as the best choice. So, yeah, they’re responsible,

ISIS’s nightmare

Just commenting, I can see some guys that would consider “losing” to go a girl would be the worst sort of humiliation. The worst nightmare comment is about f 16’s and how they can really kill just about anybody anytime, the pilot being female

Underwater vehicle in use by an Israeli Commando unit in 1967.

This vessel came from the [human torpedo](, the first successfull application was made by the Regia Marina (Italian Navy) and that’s why they are called “maiali” (“pigs” in Italian), and after copied by others navy such as the UK’s one. Here is another [link](,