Top 1000 Military Pictures

US Sergeant Ken Kozakiewicz sobs as he learns that the bodybag at his feet contains his buddy. 20 y/o Andy Alaniz was killed by friendly-fire on one of the last days of the Gulf War. Feb. 27, 1991

A bit of googling and I found this article has an interview with the guy in the picture and a bit of background: tl’dr – they were in Bradley IFVs advancing onto an airbase after artillery had hit it, and a different unit

US soldiers fighting during an ambush

>A U.S. Army paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team fires his M4 carbine at insurgents during a firefight June 30, 2012, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. The vehicle he is using for cover is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. (U.S. Army

Polish hand-to-hand combat training

It’s not impossible to hold your base that way if you catch a front kick, it’s a basic catch that is used in Muay Thai with one hand on the toes and the other on the knee with the foot braced against your chest.

Photo of an atomic bomb milliseconds after detonation.

Perfect spheres only happen in mathematics, nothing is perfect in engineering. Seriously though? Molecular imperfections in the alloy of the bomb case, picosecond timing differences in the explosive triggers used to fire it, varying density gradients in the explosive charges, the list goes on.

The Macedonian syntagma

Being retarded had nothing to do with it. It’s an incredibly inflexible way to fight battles. There is a reason the Roman legions changed to the maniple system and there is a reason why Greece and Macedonia were conquered by Romans. Put simply you

Two Iraqi SF fighting against Isis in Ramadi

They are actually pretty well trained. No sarcasm here. I’ve read an article about ISOF training. They are currently getting training from Dutch, Belgian and Norwegian tier 1 SOF in one place in Baghdad. Maybe there are other nations training them on other places

Norwegian leopard on the run

I know, I was so stoked as I read about what happened when they were scrambling the Apaches to hellfire the thing to death, only to have a basement get there first 🙁 But yeah, the way he did it there was no getting