Top 1000 Knife Pictures

Damascus and ebony Blade

Oh, it definitely seems like it’s got good handling, I was just commenting on how a more simple design for the handle could suit it as well. It’s still a great carving, and it looks absolutely beautiful nonetheless. I’ve seen some of your previous

Kevin John Venom 2

These are fantastic knives that offer almost unheard of bang for the buck. You get S35VN, full titanium frame lock, carbon fiber scale, tritium, and it’s under $300. I know I sound like an infomercial, but I was blown away when I got mine.

Spyderco Civilian C12GS

yeah i dont know much about knives, especially as a means of defense; but that thing looks like it could cause some devastation. Terrifying really. EDC = everyday carry. just incase someone else doesnt know edit: Also, is there any benefit for there not

Carbon fiber daggers by Escort

Unfortunately, not so much. From the description: “Please keep in mind that carbon fiber does not offer a super sharp blade on the knife, it’s not really meant for cutting, but rather for self-defense/stabbing or as an art/decorative knife. The blade does not hold

ADV Butcher

Wharncliffe blades are extremely good for utility purposes (Think handyman type tasks) and they’re great for cutting due to the extremely thin pointed tips. They also are super easy to sharpen from what I’ve been told which is a plus. Oh, wharncliffe blades are

Metalmark In Motion

Well I think it looks cool….but considering this I the first one I’ve purchased its been really hard to learn anything on. I’ve seen people flip it well, but I’m not one of them.

John “Liver-eating” Johnston’s knife

It’s much heavier than it looks, and appears to have been used frequently. There are other photos and a little more information here.

Recent knives with our brand new Damascus steel

We call this our Practical/Tactical Damascus. Outer laminates of pure nickel sheet and S25C with a Hitachi white steel core, forged and quenched in pine charcoal and water. The S25C is for strength, nickel for ductility, ease of sharpening and rust resistance, and water-quenched


To a degree, you’re right. But I’d have to forge down the stock I start with or buy new stock of proper size, both of which take time and energy. To keep from nickel and dimeing every customer, my going rate is fifteen dollars

Emerson Commander (worn from light use)

I personally can’t stand when people buy $200-400 hard-use blades and then do nothing with them. They’re made to BE used. It’s one thing to buy a gold inlaid damascus dirk and leave it in a case or on a wall or something, but

Flipper made by Frank Fischer

Here’s a picture of the other side: Photos are from [Arizona Custom Knives](

Hogue EX02

I have the non-flipper version of your knife. It’s a tank, basically a folding fixed blade. Be careful if you decide to switch around the pocket clip for tip up carry. I think they basically fit those barrel spacers into the handle while it’s

Cold Steel Recon 1

Its probably my favorite knife in the collection. its not even that expensive either! this knife has seen some shit lemme tell ya. you see those two notches i put on the blade? thats from two raccoons i killed with it. View post on

My 2015 additions so far

top to bottom: – ’98 Spyderco Endura (gun show find); – Reate Horizon C; – Three Sisters Forge Beast (customized by previous owner); – EnZo Birk75 carbon fiber; – Microtech Ultratech-“Apocalyptic” blade finish; – Wilmont Knives Little Skinner

Kodiak Survival Swords

[Another image]( [Closer look]( ) **Specs:** Blade Material: 1/4″ Austempered 1095 Blade Length: 16.5″ Overall Length: 25.5″ Weight: 2 pounds Surface finish: .0015″ Electroless Nickel and monotone NIC Cerakote Sheath: Kydex with Tactical Tailor Malice clips for vertical or horizontal mount on Molle

The ‘Green Beret’ by Chris Reeve Knives

“Known to the Green Berets as “The Yarborough” and to everyone else as “The Green Beret Knife”, this no-nonsense, hardworking tool was designed by renowned knifemaker and designer, Bill Harsey with function and manufacturing input from Chris Reeve…” [Source + additional info](

Samurai Sword (unknown maker)

It’s definitely just a cheap piece of metal, every part of that thing screams $50 piece of crap. EDIT: [Here’s]( what a well-made blade can look like, which is an authentic WWII blade. EDIT2: swapped image to imgur, photo from [Walter Sorrells’]( site.

Any love for kitchen knives? Shun Classic 8″ Chef

Here’s a pretty knife that’s high in utility. Here’s what I consider a beautiful knife because the utility is overwhelmingly awesome. This is a carbon steel blade wrapped in stainless steel, which helps reduce any issues with regards to corrosion. The carbon

Pick one: Beautifully different blades from Boker

Quality product shots. Looks like each knife was photographed separately and then a composite made on white. Against the white background, each knife has appropriate placement of shadows, midtones and highlights. Very precise on keeping the two parallel. Overall excellent.