Top 1000 Knife Pictures

Hand carved handled obsidian knife

Yeah, its just a small collection of some of my current my obsidian knifes. I finished another piece a few weeks ago that was [carved from rosewood]( that is more traditional knife wise, its a double edged dagger but I already posted it in

Microtech CF Whale Shark

You do realize that I own the knife in the picture right? The titanium lockface is actually bolstered by a stainless steel lock interface so there is steel on steel contact instead of titanium on steel. Thus giving the knife a stronger lockup without

Incredibly beautiful damascus bowie

The scenes in the forges are some of my favorite mini-moments of the show. Also, the [damascus]( on Snow’s sword is a really nice touch. I always look for it when he is onscreen.

Black C-Tek, Black Southard

This is a no-setup, available light photo, actually. I took this photo on my kitchen counter. The yellow comes from the wall behind the counter, and the reflection comes from the polished surface of the granite countertop (which is actually a mottled dark green

Early 70’s double-edged Gerber Mark II

Satin finished double-edged blade with an aluminum cats tongue handle. Early 70’s era production in fantastic condition. [Image source + additional info](

CRKT M16 Makes Short Work of Cucumber

I would probably say the same thing if I didn’t have smaller than average hands, which was a factor in picking the knife out to begin with ha. My buddy had an M21 and he said the same thing though. Right now I’m looking

Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger Knife

Hey, it’s one of the top posts on a smaller, but active subreddit. It also looks weird; that’s why I checked the comments, to find out what the purpose of the shape is. I think there will be more visitors here. Also, we can

Spyderco Southard – Form and Function –

I tried out the clip. It’s not low in the pocket, but only about .5″ (12.5mm) of the knife sticks out. It’s not too bad. The clip is tight, which I noticed getting it out of the pocket. This was probably compounded by the


Absolutely love my USMC KA-BAR, a knife in my opinion doesn’t get much simpler and much more reliable. I’m curious though, what’s the small silver indent on the pommel? Visible at the very end of the handle. Mine came with that and I thought


The Climber is a great choice. For being so common, you’d think I’d have one in my collection but I don’t yet. What was your old SAK? And how are you liking the nylon scales as compared to the cellidor?

2nd Mega Obsidian Knife

Initial thoughts are: “It looks like a dildo with a poorly thought out and unsafe handle.” “Tetanus. I better get my shot updated just in case.” Still though, it’s pretty interesting to say the least. I like the organic and fluid look of the

Peter R Rapture – Titanium, S90V, 20 made

Maybe. I’m not sure. I know he’s said he won’t make anymore. You might be able to find one going on the bladeforums for sale at some point. If it does show up it’ll prolly go fast. I’ve checked the popular high end custom

Elite Force 111 Folding Tanto

Well, this is one of those issues where there is no right answer. A good blade steel for one application might not be good for another application. Blade steels have all kinds if different properties like hardness, toughness, and wear resistance. The only way
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