Top 1000 Knife Pictures

Double edged stag bowie by Jim Siska

Around the end of april the new england cutlery collectors association had a knife show. Someone yold mr about the raffle so i bought 2 tickets and magically my name was picked, luckily a friend was there for the drawing and picked my beauty.


I found this I was wondering about the maker of [this]( knife myself. Out of my league for sure.

Kershaw Cryo

i got my nura for the same 18 dollars, i was trying to decide which one i wanted but the price difference decided for me.

Boker Titan

I do love Boker knives. Though, this might be the last one I buy for a little while. Their CS is really terrible and pissed me off the other day so I’m not sure I wanna keep buying their products. If you want a

The SickLe.

okay I was on my phone and at work earlier so I didn’t get a good look. What sort of stuff is thing built for? If you don’t mind my asking, the shape does look quite unorthodox

Newt 2.0 mini cleaver

The knife was made by /u/nighthaxan of Suwannee River Knives, it’s OAL is 3″ and the blade is right around 1.5″ in length. It’s made from beta-Ti and the scales are red acrylic. My friend sent it to me as a gift so I

Kyle Royer, ABS Mastersmith

Close-up of the details: http:[email protected]/9704902553/ Nowadays I just call “Damascus” pattern-welded steel. No confusion or debates. There is no lack of skill for what he’s doing, to get such a well-defined pattern and grind such crisp and even lines. If you look him up

Taiwan Lightning OTF

I absolutely love my lightnings. I’ve got a plain edge and a serrated one. There’s a fair amount of play in the plain edge one because I got it first and screwed around with it more, but the serrated one is pretty sturdy for

A. C. Warren – Stag Hunter in CPM-154

Handmade by Alan Warren, 8 1/4″ Hunter in 154CM steel, polished to a mirror finish and finished with a stag handle accented with musk ox and buffalo horn. The finish on this knife is as close to perfection as it gets. I’ve held very

Hogue EX-F03 Karambit Scale Knife

Our mistake. The “Karambit” name was an error that propagated throughout some printed matter and our website for this knife. It’s more accurately described as a “Clip Point Neck Knife with G10 Scales. We also offer a [Hawk Billed Neck Knife]( with the same

Added a new model to my Whitecrane series.

Thank you! I am planning on it sometime in the next couple months when time allows. Yes – I am fluent in Japanese. My reading could be better but I speak at a native level. You might have seen it already, but [this]( documentary

Tony Marfione ANAX

Its an amazing knife and simpler ones can be had for $700 and supposedly a production version is in the works. My carbon fiber one is currently one of the most expensive retailing at $1800.

Serge Panchenko

I think it’s beautiful. The *only* thing I would change, and it’s purely a minor aesthetic detail anyways, is that swirly line around the blade. That’s literally it.

ZT0566BW Copper

REALLY nice knife. I love the black back scale meshing with the copper. You buy it, make it; how’d you get a hold of something that sick?

Just one of my generic bowie knives

The handle is held on with epoxy. I’ve never had one work loose, and I -chop- with my knives. Pins would cost another 25, because I have to drill through everything, and it’s possible that I would crack the wood itself driving in pins.

Boker Nano Plus

Just so you know how easily it flips, I handed it to a friend of mine who’s a security guard and likes tools, but had never used a flipper. I explained it to him how to use it, and he popped it open super

A kitchen knife I made

Start with a steel bar make a design, cut it out on the bandsaw, profile it on disk sander, grind bevels on belt sander, heat treat, finish grinding, hand sand and then put the handle on

The ‘Albion Vigil’ by DBK Swords

Hey, I’ve got [this]( instructional diagram. If you still don’t understand the wrapping, I’ll look for a better one. Compare the diagram to these: [front]( [back](

Busse Team Gemini Light Brigade

I have a competition finish Heavy Duty its a nice finish but honestly the coating is really nice to have and the competition finish has not been made in a while. As usual refer to the Busse specific exchange forum on BladeForums. I downloaded