Top 1000 Gun Pictures

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Makarov PMm 9x18mm

The main quest will run you about 8 hours if you know what you’re doing. There’s multiple factions and NPCs with stuff to do along the way. The game also has a big mod scene even still. They’re worth a look, especially the sequels,

M60 Echo6

M60 is commonly refereed to as The Pig. My comment is in reference to the MK48 posted by the same user that I thought I was posting on. I’ve been drinking beers all night by the fire and may be slightly retarded to begin

An American Sunrise – M&P 15

ummm i dont think you get what an adjustable stock is, let alone how to use it. Its a stock that can slide in and out, changing the distance from the trigger to the shoulder of the shooter. Its used by holding the gun

AR-15 with wood furniture

more then you can imagine, I put the same set on one of my ARs and I haven’t taken it out more then once or twice. Just too damn sexy to take off though.

Rippel twin 40mm multiple grenade launcher

[Source]( >South African Rippel is presenting its Double Mount for the Rippel Effect MSGL40 and XRGL40 weapon systems. The System is a buffered soft mount system that can be used as a primary or secondary weapon for vehicles and boats. The 40mm grenade launcher

Frommer 1912 “Stop” long recoil pistol

gfy is the way to go but there was very little footage to choose from, your gif was good in capturing the important parts. (and as always: hat tip and much thanks to the endless efforts that /u/ForgottenWeapons provides the community) i tried a


I really like it so far it’s very quick at close ranges but gives you the ability push out pretty far aswell. I wish they offered the scope with some type of reticle that you could mil targets with but all in all its

Socom 16 with JAE Chassis and Vltor Top Rail

Yeah, up in Albany with all the other old military hardware like jeeps and old tanks. Believe it our not, it’s actually used for the “worst case senario” type thing in which the government would resort to using old equipment if all other equipment

Dinosaur Repellent: Franchi’s Spas-12

Fuck Gun control. So many semi-auto weapons. But we’ll just ban THIS one in particular, just to piss off the pro-gun guys. That’ll show em who’s morally superior Edit: I meant to say: “This one, that one, and that one. Oo, that looks kinda

Wilson Arms WP870

No I was right, my buddy’s DIAS was made by Wilson Arms Co. Yes I’m aware of Wilson combat… I’m not referring to a complete firearm, but rather a piece of one made prior to 86′.

My G17 Gen4 OD and AR15 OD Build

Yea, the best way to get good service at a gun shop to be a good customer. To be a good customer, know what you want, to an extent. I don’t mind showing people guns to get a feel for them and explaining different

OTs-38 silent revolver. developed for Russian special forces.

I’m assuming the source for that number is [here]( >Reportedly the suppressor functions optimally within the first 10 – 15 rounds fired. For those who prefer dry numbers I can inform that the American OSS (Office of Strategic Service), according to a document dated

Finally drank that CZ Kool-Aid

No I don’t much like the Shadow’s profile either (I shoot an M&P 9L) But it seems to be the gun of choice for Production here, due to availability of OEM parts you can tweak it quite a bitand still stay within the rules,

Some kind of revolver rifle

Or an action like the 1895 Nagant revolver. I mean, there are other revolver carbines out there, but there’s a reason lever actions won out in the early repeating rifle designs. You could totally build one nowadays and work a way around that flaw.