Top 1000 Gun Pictures

Ruger, Sig and Beretta autoloaders with Hogue aluminum grips

I’ve got the [Olive Drab (OD) checkered aluminum grips for my Sig P226 TacOps]( I mainly use the [rubber ones](, but the aluminum ones are cool looking and nice, especially for someone who wants a smaller grip circumference. My hands are just pretty big.

A true unicorn, the Beretta 92fs Combat Combo

The Infinity is mounted directly to the barrel… not quiet the same. The Taylor screws onto a threaded barrel. That should give it consistent alignment but you probably still run into issues with it, especially during install. But hey, it’s for a custom comp

Heckler & Koch HK243

>the HK243 is a civilian-grade variant of the German Heckler & Koch’s G36 assault/service rifle platform, more adherent to the original design than the previous, target-oriented SL8 given the high demand from all civilian shooters all around the globe. Not much apparently.

Daniel Defense M4V5

Everything I was looking for honestly. Two eyes open aiming at close range with the ability to illuminate the reticle, which is nice for low light conditions. You can see the illumination in the daytime (on the brightest of 10 settings) but I prefer

Sig Sauer P556

model: Sig Sauer P556 SWAT accessories: Urban-ERT sling, Magpul AFG, not sure on who makes the irons and optics but will replace the optic with a Trijicon ACOG at some point. The irons are fairly high quality and co-witness with the optic. Current optic

Plinking gallery in California

lipstick on a pig right? its cool man i already know most people wont like it. there’s others that do appreciate the creativity. no butt hurt here. i enjoy shooting these and hopefully my kids will too when they ready. i have other higher

i love a rainy day sesh. SLR104

it’s an aimpoint Patrol rifle optic. 3 years of battery life on level 7/10. if you shop around you can catch them on sale. watch they occassionally do site wide 15% off sales which happen to include aimpoint products whereas most places exclude

Ruger Precision Rifle

A folding stock is under the same import restriction as Suppressors. It is a very idiotic customs law. Even though a rifle may still be longer than the legal minimum length with the stock folded it’s clearly too concealable

The ‘CornerShot’ Device.

I don’t know if the company is willing to sell to private customers. If they are and you mount a pistol on it, you almost have a short barrel rifle, requiring a tax stamp. Then there’s the long gun version, though it looks like

Fall Gunporn. DMR. OC

Our rifles look like brother and sister… I have the Keymod rail, an UBR stock, and a vortex 3x spitfire, 18 in barrel, 15 inch hand guard… Mine is black though. I like the look of the quad rail, but I don’t have any

Collection of Tan HK Pistols

It’s very common to find other HK fans. It is uncommon to find HK *collectors* with more than a half dozen HK guns. I guess I was feeling a connection in that regard.

AR-15 with Crye Precision Six12 underbarrel shotgun

Since that would technically be a short-barreled shotgun (SBS), I believe, you’d have to go through the usual NFA rigmarole. I’m not super knowledgeable about NFA things, tho, so someone else might have a better idea. There will be a non-NFA version with an

US Rifle, Caliber .30 M1

This gun, on the other hand, IS my favorite shooter. It’s a 1945 Springfield Armory (Field grade from CMP.) Has original barrel dated January 1945. Likely has original bolt. HRA trigger group, but SA safety, hammer, trigger. HRA rear sight. IHC front sight and

IMI Galil

I have a Golani, that’s the civy model by Century (I know I know) Had a few problems with mine. Gas port was the wrong diameter at first, sent it back and it was fixed for free. Now it has a hard time extracting

12.7×55mm subsonic VKS suppressed sniper rifle

“Effective range” is about a completely arbitrary designation. The problem with subsonic bullets isn’t retained energy or intrinsic mechanical accuracy, it’s that they drop like a rock. For conversation, a 300blk/240SMK combo is dropping ~ 2moa every 10yds, from 200yards out. A 510 whisper