Top 1000 Gun Pictures

M60 overlooking ocean waters

It sucks. What the photo doesn’t show is the hours of wire-brushing, CLPing, and coating to bring the weapon to a “serviceable” condition. On average… a week of the gun out in the sea spray means time for a full scrubbing. Next time I’m

Range time. M1A and 700 .308

just guessing, the r700 a bolt action is inherently more precise than a semi auto. thats not to say a good semi cant beat a bolt, but its a pretty good rule of thumb. The issue is with repetition. A semi just has so

M4 Block 1.5 Clone

**Upper:** – Colt 14.5″ Barrel – KAC RAS – Insight Dual Switch – EOTech 553 (SU-231) **Lower:** – Colt CAR Stock – Shaved A2 Grip If it’s not really listed it’s probably milspec part or not really that important to note. Snagged a lot

Mossberg 590A1

This is what I’m having a struggle with. I love the concept of these shotgun cards, but I’m worried about the sturdiness. Like if I go to grab shells, how much play or wobbling do you get? I know Mesa Tactical is pricey, but

I do more than HK.. 870 ATACS

You’re welcome.. You can’t really jump into it too fast. Not enough people frequent it to be constantly changing. (Not for the amount of times I check it. Lol) it’s nice though.

My new SBS Wingmaster

Awesome shotgun! Not criticizing your shotgun in particular or saying its bad, but has anyone noticed Remington just not being what it used to be? I have an 870 wingmaster I inherited from my father that’s 30+ years old. I compared it side by

Suppressed Rifle Dynamics “Krinkov” in 300 BLK

Also, the subsonic 7.62×39 Soviet loading sucks by comparison! >In the mid 1950s, Elizarov’s team, now working at NII-61, developed a special subsonic bullet for the 7.62×39 cartridge. It was adopted for service in 1962, and given the army designation “7.62 US” (US stood

Wood Stocked Mossberg 590

The stock set is from a 500. The heat shield is available from Mossberg. The Ghost Ring sights are factory Mossberg. The fronts are usually soldered or epoxied on. Just get a 590 if you really want the GRS sights.

Canadian Huot Automatic Rifle 1916

I guess it goes back to the adage “it looks like it shoots”. Although I have never shot one personally, it looks like it would have the ergonomics of a railroad tie taped to an old power drill. But, to each their own.

Taurus Judge Public Defender: Celtic Engraving

Its actually really popular for good and experienced engravers to sell guns like these which have been highly customized. The cheaper guns can be made to look pretty ,probably wont be shot much, and can be sold to the end user at a cheaper

Holland & Holland 12 Ga. Hammer Gun, 1890

Not really, at least this one wasn’t. It was a sporting gun meant to be used a few weekends a year in the game season, not shooting 100-odd clays every weekend for the whole year. Added to that it was reasonably old. He just

First Revolver, S&W Competitor

I have the game. Just got Kellogg’s Pistol last night. You’re right it doesn’t. I was watching a YouTuber play it and he had Kellogg’s pistol with a red dot, so I assumed it came by default. Technically Kellogg’s a 44 Magnum tho… so

Bushmaster BA50

Took a trip to Texas during summer with some friends and got to shoot this bad boy! I had only shot two times before this (one of the times being a few days before) so it was a little scary at first to say

I heard you guys like CZ-75’s

Hmm, could it be the big smooth curves that CZ like to put around their triggers and handles? That seems to be the biggest aesthetic difference between the CZ family and the pistols you mentioned. (I personally think the CZ-SP01 is the sexiest handgun

Larue PredatOBR 7.62

just over $1 per round for some of the best 5.56 match ammo, and $1.5-$2 for .308 match ammo. Effective soft (human) target stopping for 5.56 is 300-600 yards, and 800-1100 yards for .308. you can hit targets at 1000 yards with 77 gr

Super VEPR 308

I like it… But is it me or does it look like the barrel is kind of dangling semi-limply? Might just be the combination of the angle of the photo versus the angle of the bottom of the stock fore end… but it doesn’t
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