Top 1000 Gun Pictures

My twins “Apollo & Artemis”

I will try to answer all of the questions here. I started this build with a single Spikes stripped lower. I really wanted to color match the UBR and the MIAD grips so I ended up buying 2 sets of each. I thought I

M1911 pistol

I was just thinking how I would like a gun with similar engraving but then I realized I’d want to fire it so probably not a good idea to spend that kind of money!

Travis Haley’s custom AK

Built by GoGunUSA for Travis Haley, formerly of Magpul Dynamics, now of Haley Strategic. I don’t have a full parts list but it is in .223 caliber, uses an ACR charging handle mounted to the bolt on the left side of the receiver, an

Ruger Alaskan 454 Casull

You didn’t happen to take a picture did you? My experience with wheel guns is limited to my 357 Model 60, so I’m not sure if this is normal or not. Nonetheless, having an off-center bore seems insane.

Pair ‘o’ SCARs

[Yes. Yes I agree. How about less saturation and higher resolution?]( Also [Bonus]( Ps. The original source goes by [Kalmar ( link)]( most of the photos are from flickr but I only have the direct links and not his flickr profile. EDIT: Found him!

The NTW-20 20mm Sniper Rifle

Less ‘converted’ and more ‘is one of the available calibres’. It takes about two minutes to switch between the calibres in the field. The 14.5mm version weighs a lot more and has a noticably longer barrel, but has a much higher muzzle velocity. The

M14 and FN FAL

Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I literally laughed my ass off for 5 minutes at this! Hahaha sense? Logic? Who needs those things!? That being said, I sent this picture to my dad and told him to choose which one he liked the best. That being said, the

Hk21 Belt fed 7.62×51

I want one of these in my life but i guess i can settle for pictures. Squirrel is right, the belt is upside down. We have an old saying in the army when dealing with belt fed disintegrating link weapons “brass to grass”. In

Remington 700

For sure, as silly as it sounds I would probably by the KRG over the MDT even if it was worse, I just think the look is really appealing. But it is like you said, the chassis won’t make me a better shooter, I

A pair of Soviet TKB-011 assault rifles

you should learn to appreciate poor design with guns. Yes, poor design is can get annoying – but mostly because the market of what they’re designing is oversaturated. For example, there are way more logo designs than there are gun designs. I guess this

SVD Dragunov

Too much HDR, or rather bad HDR. Notice all the haloing artifacts, especially around the stock. Compositionally this is a good approach, but the muzzle is cut off. One of the quickest routes for improvement is to watch the edges of the frame at

Gorgeous Custom AR-15

Well, since you asked, I put the first magazine into the magazine well. I close the bolt, and fire one round per second for approximately 28 seconds. I repeat ten times, without stopping. When I have fired all of the 300 rounds, the barrel

Sig Sauer XFive Match 9mm

Check out a few more [here.]( Pictures taken by my good friend from [Greg Skaz Photography.]( If you like gun porn, you’ll love his stuff.

Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911A1

A few competitors refused to list another maker’s name on their firearms – even to the point of making their own cartridges. Savage produced .32 ASP and .380 ASP – Automatic Savage Pistol, as you’d expect. Colt did the same thing with the .38

Suppressed Remington 700

> on the reciever? Before you try to make a show of correcting someone, you should educate yourself on the subject matter. In this case, I’d say you don’t know a whole hell of a lot if you can’t even tell what part of

Rk 95 Tp with aimpoint and suppressor.

Considering it’s a finish assault rifle used by the Finish military, I would imagine it would be a bit difficult to acquire here in the United States. I have a feeling there aren’t many civilian versions available. In regards to the US as a


What is the purpose of an SBRd battle rifle? I’ve always liked them but never understood their role compared to intermediate cartridges in the same size. I’m to understand that a barrel as short as that will severely reduce the velocity of a .308

SPP-1M underwater pistol

For anyone curious about the design The bullet is designed to have a super high BC. Water is such a dense fluid it will sap energy from the bullet 784x faster. This is also why they went with such a slow cartridge design. Drag

First AR-15, went all out.

There is a tool called the Mag Magnet, which fits over a bullet button and stays attached magnetically, essentially turning the bullet button into a regularly operating mag release. There are some rules, like, you can’t leave it on all the time, and you