Top 1000 Gun Pictures

Recoil absorbing 12 gauge prototype

IIRc, they pretty much resolved that issue, but it had pretty serious problems with overheating. Firing a bullet produces a huge amount of heat, some of which exits through the barrel behind the bullet, but much of which is absorbed by the shell casing

How about an HK 51?

Completely custom build. Built on a PTR-91 Inc receiver, and with a factory German G3 parts kit. RCM CHF Barrel. IFG-made faux suppressor w/ exhaust ports. HK21 Clubfoot stock, custom Parabellum Combat System’s Two-stage heavy buffer. Video of me and the rifle:

Gilboa Snake Double Barrell AR

>That thought crossed my mind, but it seemed like a pretty terrible joke. It’s the sort of joke most of us on Reddit are used to. >Why pretend it’s his? Given that it’s a screenshot of a YouTube video it’s pretty clear that he’s

Cabot Guns Mirror Image Matched Pair 1911s

yeah thats the one i saw, I also saw [these](, but he uses the stock on those. People have tons of videos shooting 2 desert eagles at once, though not very effective at all, just looks badass.

Norinco M305 in Sage EBR Chassis.

Yeah, like with milled vs stamped AK receivers. Milled is stronger than stamped, but it does not matter in practicality. “A stamped receiver will last you a lifetime, a milled will last two” so to speak. Sure, milled may be “nicer,” but both work

Anatomy: Eight WWII Rifles

The thing is that lend-lease was signed in October 1941. The Germans basically lost the Battle of Moscow by the mid of November and by the start of December the Russians started their counter attack. They did get some British tanks and airplanes for

Staple gun turned into actual gun

Imagine it… he corners his boss in the office, deranged face. He shoots his boss in each knee cap. He takes one step after another. leans in and whispers, “I believe you have my stapler”.

Family Photo

Had the 556 for a few years now(5ish) and have had no reliability issues. I run steel case 99% of the time and it eats everything. Accuracy is more than adequate, but to be honest, I have never benched it with good ammo and

Mateba MTR-8 .38 Special revolver

What if I told you that, in many cases, the downfall of short barreled revolvers is not their inherent accuracy, or lack of it, but the short sight radius? What if I told you people (well, one that I know of, presumably more) have

Chiappa Triple Crown Shotgun – mic –

In the UK shotguns which hold more than 2+1 rounds are counted as “Section 1 firearms” rather than shotguns, and require a firearms certificate rather than a shotgun license to own, and this is a bit harder to get. Still not nearly as hard

Kriss Vector Carbine

[Carbine]( (*via wikipedia*) >…carbines are shortened versions of full rifles, firing the same ammunition at a lower rotational velocity due to a shorter barrel length. Kriss makes a SBR, as well though. The government has specific measurements of what a SBR is, too. [Kriss

Silver Desert Eagle

Pretty interesting that they make the 50AE casings by just expanding a 44 mag casing, the lip is identical and when you stretch the 44 mag it loses the lip and becomes more of a s/a lookin rounf

Silenced H&K USP and MK 23

The original suppressor was called a silencer. They’re fucking interchangeable, unless you think you know better than [Hiram Maxim](

Chiappa Rhino – 357

Technically not illegal. If you REALLY want one, you can bring one into the state as a new resident. The California handgun laws dont 100% apply to guns brought into the state by new residents. The law that doesn’t allow this to be sold

new to me GAP shorty .308

And heres info on the gun: GAP 308 Rem 700 action Badger bolt knob Badger 20moa base Bartlein 15″ GAP #7 contour, 1-10 twist, 6 heavy flutes, welded Surefire brake, 16.5″ to end of brake GAP tuned Rem trigger Manners T3 stock with PTG

Desert Tech .338 Lapua

At that price, it better come with every conversion kit Desert Tactical offers. As shown that is a $3500-4000 rifle with a $500 1-4 scope. edit: [if you don’t believe me](

Colt Model 607 retro rifle

It is just an early model collapsible stock which was produced in very limited numbers. There is a lever on the butt plate in the place of the angled plastic release that we are used to seeing as the method for collapsing or extending

Suppressed Chiappa Little Badger 22LR

i wasn’t really debating the point, but if you want my thoughts . . . -the rifle will have a mechanical accuracy advantage, though with some of these cut downs it’s really a lot less than you would think. this particular model strikes a

The Honey Badger from AAC

There’s a $200.00 transfer tax and a $200.00 tax on manufacture if you’re not registered as a SOT. You have to ask the ATF to approve a transfer whenever you move, so ownership is not common. You shouldn’t be downvoted for asking an honest
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