Top 1000 Gun Pictures

Kryptek AR15 Looks like the rest is a bit different from the one I linked, but I think the grip is the correct one.

My current collection. :)

The Revision Desert Locusts and ESS goggles with the foam removed don’t fog at all for me. Of course, you lack the dust/wind protection that the foam provides. A good, but expensive alternative, would be to get the Oakley M Frame 3.0s with the


I know the military version uses a dual stage for full auto operation. All I can say about the civilian version is the trigger is everything you don’t want it to be. Mushy, with creep and overtravel. Not to say it isn’t manageable, but

Desert Eagle 50AE from above

>That’s a product of shitty photography skills, not the artistic decision to shoot the subject on white. Even a properly exposed subject on pure white is straining to the eye. Maybe I’ve just seen too many overprocessed Baby’s First White Background photos on gun

Mega Arms GTR-3H AR15 SBR

[Atomic Tactical AR Krink]( Mega Arms Billet Upper Receiver Troy Industries Battlesight Folding Front|Rear Noveske Rifleworks NSR 7″ Keymod Rail System Noveske Rifleworks Navy Cut Lo-Pro Barrel JP Enterprises FMOS Bolt Carrier Assembly Ferfrans CQB Brake

My AR and its little friend.

These are fine firearms, beautifully photographed, but to be honest, my upvote is for your correct use of “its”. God that just looks awesome there in that description. Mmmm “its”.

The new HK121 video in comments

The m249 is made by fabrique national or FN and is exclusively a hybrid belt fed, or box magazine fed machine gun. The HK121 is a new type of machine gun that is completely adjustable to the shooter, can easily switch between calibers and

The Abomination: II

Love that movie. I’ll play out my favorite part. Bullet Tooth Tony: Like a prick, you are having second thoughts. You are shrinking, and your two little balls are shrinking with you. And the fact that you’ve got “Replica” written down the side of

FN Five-seveN IOM

I have a PMR30 and love it. Theoretically, 30 rounds of 22wmr in a relatively accurate handgun (which the PMR is) is quite a potent weapon. In reality, it is probably the last gun I would grab if the shit ever hit the fan.

HK 121

Part of the size is the belt feeding system, but most of the girth and mass create a more durable, long-term reliable system. Semi auto and occasional burst fire don’t generally lead to round counts that are six digits deep, but sustained full auto

MP5(K) suitcase gun

i actually owned two. i had a hk sp89, was told that possession of a sp89 along with one of these cases in the same house constituted a felony if the sp89 wasn’t registered as an aow. got a bit paranoid and kept the

Assembled Arak-21 SBR & Stripped Upper

From what I have gathered since I started following it the upper, since that is all Faxon produces, has a few key features: AK piston design (runs on rails which I believe most piston AR do not do and causes issues with reliability among

Suppressed AR-15 SBR

Depends on the caliber. 300 blackout was designed for an 8″ barrel. The benefits of barrel length over 12″ don’t really do much. 5.56 prefers 14-16″ for best velocity gains. If you go under those lengths you lose energy and that in turn brings

An aviation inspired shotgun

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KRISS Vector fitted with a Defiance suppressor

pretty sure they are gas exit channels, the suppressor is a honeycomb that lets the gas expand slower and more distributed, yet it has to go somewhere and that is what those holes should be for. I don’t own a suppressor… yet…. but that’s

Freshly cerakoted AR in the snow

you CAN diy but it is alot of work. you have to completely dissasemble the firearm, place it in a degrease bath, sand blast, and bake to make sure any oil or grease in the piece is drawn out. Then spray, making sure you

Flintlock pepperbox .50 cal

It’s a duck’s foot pistol which is a type of volley gun. Pepperboxes have multiple barrels, each with their own percussion cap. Volley guns only have a single cap or pan that ignites all the barrels.

.50 GI on G21 frame

Looks like state law regarding .60 caliber weapons is in regard to “fixed ammunition.” State: >Cal. Penal Code §12301. >(3)Any weapon of a caliber greater than **0.60 caliber which fires fixed ammunition**, or any ammunition therefor, other than a shotgun (smooth or rifled bore)