Top 1000 Gun Pictures

The SIG 552 Commando – my holy grail gun

The SIG 552 Commando, my holy grail gun. SIG. No, not SIG Sauer, not SIG Arms, just SIG. (S)chweizer (I)ndustrie (G)esellschaft or „Swiss Industry Company“ in English. Today they are called SAN „Swiss Arms Neuhausen“ and the only gun they still manufacture is the

My new 4″ GP100.

I looked it up and Wikipedia had this to say: “The GP100 was an evolution of an earlier Ruger double action revolver, the Security Six. The first significant change was introduced with the Ruger Redhawk and that involved a new locking mechanism with a

Confiscated Ak47’s in Afghanistan

This is one of the most ludicrous statements I’ve ever read. Freedom? Yah freedom to own a gun in exchange for forced conversion, no rights for women, suppression of all dissenting opinions, murder, coercion…need I go on? Wake the fuck up and watch the

Custom 1911s

FNX 45, SilencerCo Osprey, + extras

Not the USP but the Hk45 in comparison the the regular FNP45 (non-tactical) -> I have the FNX-45 Tac (as shown above, sans suppresor – STUPID ILLINOIS!) and absolutely love it. I call it my Unicorn gun. Never holding the USP so I

Punisher Custom Kimber (1911’esque)

It’s not as much my style, but I think the execution is wonderful. The grips are very nicely done. I think the contrasting colors look cool. If I were to make a change on color, it would be perhaps to contrast to flat tones,

Beautifully camo’d Scar

I owned a SCAR-L for awhile before I had to move. Honestly loved it. Accurate, easy to break down, barely had carbon build up even after hundreds of rounds fired through it. Weight could have been better but that’s the only real draw back

Custom paint done right on a Remington 1911

Tell you what, you’ve got me thinking. I was in 1st Armored Division many years back. I can see a mechanized Army graphic working on the same level as this. Some design notes would include bumper numbers, name of the driver or TC stenciled

FN FAL Paratrooper

Ok so far everyone that has answered you is either wrong or has an incomplete answer. Sorry to be that guy, but I don’t want you learning incorrect info. The 16″ barrel length minimum is correct for any standard long gun, a long gun

MGV-176 .22LR submachinegun

There were similar stories about the M1 carbine in Korea but [this seems to have been a myth]( Here’s a test with a [.22LR hollow point through clothing material](, it went through the clothing and a gallon jug of water to embed itself in

Norinco M305 mk14 EBR project

Beautiful pic and build. I fucking hate our import ban, stateside. I wouldn’t be surprised if you spent more on the chassis than the rifle itself. You should really get a normal scope mount that bolts to the receiver, though. Even a cheap one

Brügger & Thomet VP-9 pointed downrange

Incorrect. The tranquilizer guns weren’t introduced into the series until Metal Gear Solid 2. The weapons in those games were MGS2: Beretta 92fs MGS3: Smith & Wesson 39/Mk22 mod 0 hushpuppy FP-45 Liberator (EZ gun) MGS4: Ruger MkII MGSV: based off the* Remington Auto

A study in absurdity: North American Arms Mini Revolver

They are surprisingly accurate, if hard to shoot well in factory configuration. [Test with laser sight, I wanted to link a different accuracy test but that has been made private.]( [Even semi-passable with defensive ammo if you need an ultra-concealable option, and do not

Denel NTW-20 anti-material rifle

No. Anti-Materiel is a designation indicating that it’s meant for use against military equipment, like armored vehicles. Its counterpart is the Anti-Personnel designation, which indicates for use against human targets. Here’s an example of the difference from the wikipedia page, put in terms of

Bronze Magnum Research .50AE Desert Eagle

As far as I know it just needs a barrel. Since that American company bought it, no. IMI doesn’t make them any more so good luck finding one. I would suggest having one made. It’s the same size and configuration with a smaller bore.

King’s Arsenal X-Kaliber in .338 Lapua

No muzzle device on a .338 LM. Ouch. Probably pretty heavy so that may help. For 3-5K I would think they would throw an APA fat bastard on there. I could also be wrong and it could be threaded for a can in which

Browning Hi Power

I made it a point to do things differently and start with variety. This way, I could experience multiple manufacturers, countries, sizes, and calibers, with each one I got. I also make sure to be careful and only get what I want to keep

CZ 805 Bren (5.56x45n)

Google says it’s a CZ 805 [BREN]( As does [Wiki.](

Chiappa Rhino 60ds

I own the snub version of this, the 200D White Rhino. It’s fun to shoot, doesn’t jump like my other revolvers. Shooting a 357 is like using a 38, and a 38 is like shooting a 22. The trigger on mine is fantastic. About
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