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Well the IDF doesn’t wear camo and I wore OG/OD stuff in the British army. Olive green has traditionally been a colour worn by armies and not police. These guys are decked out in Cry Precision clothing worn almost exclusively by military personnel, in particular special forces types, and they have military ballistic helmets with NVG mounts, in green again. They have green plate carriers with velcro patches. I’m not criticising them for it, just most western countries don’t dress their police in the same clothing as soldiers and try to maintain a strong distinction between the police and the military, but then most other western countries have a lower domestic distribution of firearms. They are dressed exactly like soldiers. Pretending they aren’t is mental and you must be out of date if you can’t identify the exact same kit used by many militaries in Afghanistan. Also soldiers in the middle east are not dressed in rocket launchers and machine guns. Learn to read.

I thought this sub was to see the differences in other countries police forces. I’ve never seen police dressed like that.

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