Beretta M9A1 – VZ Grips, TLR-1s (OC)

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I got to handle an m9 a few months ago, and I would not personally use it for CCW. I think that if you’re a bigger guy that you probably could pull it off, but the m9 is a very heavy and long pistol and there are many other options that are way better for CCW.

I myself carry a CZ P-07 DUTY with no problems, but it’s probably the largest gun I would be willing to carry. It weighs in at 27.2 oz unloaded, where as the beretta m9 weighs in at 33.9 oz. The P-07 also has an overall length of 7.28″, where as the beretta is 8.5″ long.

That extra weight and length just doesn’t seem worth it to me when there are much lighter and smaller pistols around that will do as good of a job as the m9 would. If you’re going to carry the m9 though, just make sure you buy a good holster and I would also recommend a nice gun belt.

Another thing you can try if you already own the pistol, is just buying a holster for it now and carry it around your house for a few hours to see if you can pull it off, plus you’ll get an idea of how it’s going to feel while you do.

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