An F-35A out of Edwards AFB banks to show off its curves

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Pierre Sprey is a piece of shit liar, and should not be trusted. He’s adamantly against multirole aircraft. Guess what aircraft he claims he designed? The F-16. Guess what aircraft is considered the single best multirole aircraft in the world? The F-16. Something’s fishy there. Even if he wasn’t that fucking ignorant, why would you listen to him? He advocates buying more F-16s over the F-35… Asking his opinion, is like asking the designer of your 5 year old Dell laptop to explain why the new MacBook Pro isn’t as good as the laptop he designed. A bit biased, no?

But, I’ll break down why you shouldn’t listen to word Pierre says, straight from that exact video!

##2:02 – As Soon As You Go To Design A Multi-Mission Airplane You’re Sunk

* He supposedly designed the F-16; the world’s premire multi mission airplane. That aircraft is beloved around the world, even today, 40 years after it came out. Enough said there honestly.

##3:10 – The Marines Have This Mindless Passion Now, Recently, For Vertical Takeoff Airplanes

* Except the Marines have used Harriers since 1971, and they’re an engrained part of their military doctrine. The STOVL ability allows for amphib ships to not need catapults and arresters, which take up **HUGE** amounts of space on carriers. That free space, is what allows amphibs to carry some 2000 marines, and everything they need to assault a beach and invade. Also, the STOVL allows these jets to use strips of land otherwise not capable of being runways, allowing them to be forward deployed much easier, providing better protection for the marines on the ground. Pierre’s down right lying there.

##3:55 – The Airplane Is Astonishingly Unmaneuverable… In Dog-fighting It’s Hopeless. You Can Guarantee That A 1950’s design MiG-21 Or French Mirage Would Hopelessly Whip The F-35

* Except that’s not true. Sure, a clean F-16 or the like might be able to outmanouver an F-35… but a clean F-16 is about as useful in combat as an infantry squad with no weapons. A clean F-35 can still carry 3000lbs of muntions, a clean F-16 can carry nothing… Put 3000lbs of muntions on an F-16? F-35 wins hands down. Plus, the sensors on the F-35 are drastically more advanced than the F-16s, allowing you to target from greater ranges. If you’re in a dog fight today, you fucked up somewhere, no excuses.

##5:30 – It’s A Terrible Bomber… You can put two big bombs inside this thing, which is a ridiculous payload

* 2 1000lb bombs inside, or 8 GBU-53s (250lb guided bombs). an F-16 can’t carry a fucking thing inside it. put pylons on the wings, and an F-35 can outcarry an F-16 with pylons on the wings. He completely ignores the 15000lb wing load ability on the F-35 if needed, which is almost as much as the F-16 has total. Not to mention, the F-35’s internal fuel range is double the F-16s, so for an F-16 to match the F-35s range, you’re gonna need drop tanks, and when those are added, say goodbye to a large chunk of your muntions payload.

##6:05 – Stealth Is A Scam, It Simply Doesn’t Work

* Say that to the B-2, which Russia’s still terrified of. Say that to the F-22s operating over Syria with total immunity. Say that to Russia and China trying their fucking hardest to copy US 5th gen aircraft. Either everything and everyone in the world is wrong, or Pierre is. I wonder who the fucking liar is there….

Plus, this fucking piece of shit advocates more A-10s, claiming they’re the best for taking out people like ISIS and the like. Never mind the fact that in Desert Storm, after Saddam’s AA abilities were all but destroyed, A-10s joined the fight. They still suffered the greatest losses of any US aircraft during Desert Storm; most to Strela MANPADs. Do you know what ISIS has, and has even used against the A-10? [Yup, Streal MANPADs]( Because they have to fly low and slow, they’re extremely weak to MANPADs. All it’s going to take, is 1 competent ISIS member to hit the A-10, and it’s going to be a US pilot getting BBQd in a cage, not just a Jordanian one. Pieces of shit like Pierre and McCain **WANT** Americans to be killed, when they continue advocating the use of the A-10.

Please, please, please don’t ever link to Pierre again. That man is a crackpot, and his military credibility died over the skies in Vietnam.

edit: Thanks for the gold! 😀 being a shill doesn’t pay well, so hopefully I can turn over this gold to pay my rent…

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