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* **GP WASR-10/63:** This WASR was the first AK I have ever purchased. It was in typical WASR configuration, but has since been modified somewhat from that configuration. Since the purchase of other AKs, however, it has been reverted back into a “BFPU” type rifle. Due to it having been my only AK for a few years, I can honestly say the finish wear has come from use: hikes, hunting, etc. The wooden stockset seen here is a Balkan set from APEX as I figured it matched the worn finish quite well. 922r compliance is achieved by a US-made follower in the magazine, in case anyone was pointing fingers.

* **SGL 21-94:** This is my favorite AK-pattern. It is a pre-FIME, Arsenal-converted SGL 21-94 purchased in Feb. 2012. It is chambered in 7.62x39mm, and is a near-exact clone of the AK-103 used by Russian special forces and some police units. Mine is kind of interesting in that the gas tube take-down lever is left over from the pre-AK-74M days, however. It is AKM/AK-74 pattern. This rifle also has the AK-100 series stock present. In my opinion, it is the absolute best stock one can get for an AK. After you’ve used one of these, it’s really hard to truly enjoy any other stock to the fullest afterward. Sling swivel placement, sling tension abilities, fixed-stock cheek weld and length of pull: I love everything about it.

* **SGL 21-61:** This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend last year. I bought it in October (FIME Group rifle) and somehow managed to keep it hidden until December. It is, of course, chambered in 7.62x39mm, and I let her choose all the bells and whistles of it, many before she even knew she had a new rifle (“What should I get for my WASR?”). Her rifle ended up using an RS AKMN 30mm mount that her AimPoint PRO sits in. It does allow a lower 1/3 cowitness, and is an awesome optic. She really enjoys it, especially since balance of the rifle is unchanged. Even though it sits low enough to cowitness, it’s still just high enough to allow complete disassembly of the rifle for cleaning. She hasn’t removed the optic at any point because of this. It will definitely hold zero, but she’s a “take no chances” kind of person.

* **Saiga 7.62x39mm:** My first sporter-configuration Saiga, it has since been converted. I hope you noticed. This was my first go at converting a Saiga, and I think it has come out nice thus far. I still need to get a good optic for it (probably reuse the PA Micro off the S12 once it gets a Kobra), but that comes second to replacing the front sight and gas block. This rifle has only seen ten rounds through it, and those were fired pre-conversion as a function check. Since it’s a fun-gun, I’m not sacrificing any ammunition to it until it is in its final configuration. I know I often recommend against receiver cover rails, but the TWS DogLeg seemed interesting, so I bought it. I had the rear sight set all the way rearward, and this caused a “ghost” rear sight. I honestly hated this. I decided to rotate it backwards so the peep was at the front of the sight device, then I scooted it all the way up the rail. Now when I aim the rifle, I only see a very crisp aperture and the front post. I feel like I’ll achieve decent accuracy with this. As for the hold-zero of the receiver cover, I am unsure. Due to its construction, I am leaning towards it being one that will, in fact, hold zero. It had better: installing it was quite the experience.

* **Saiga-12:** This is probably my favorite shotgun ever. It does have its issues with cheap, less-consistent low-brass target loads (manufacturer depending), but running 2.75″ Buckshot and 3″ shells of all flavors, it is unstoppable. Fortunately, my planned diet for it is basically going to be 00 Buck, Slugs, and probably some target loads for skeet and practice once I find out which companies it likes best. It is also the only shotgun I’ve ever fired that hasn’t bruised me. Just five 2.75″ 00 Buck out of my 500A would leave me bruised the next day. Meanwhile, five rounds of 3.00″ 00 Buckshot out of this only left me feeling like someone had lightly punched my arm the next day. Difference is like night and day. I really need to convert it: just waiting for a weekend that isn’t busy.

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