Airborne over St.Petersburg

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Long time ago I was just a kid, and we were living in St.Petersburg, and we go for a walk with mom over the Peter and Paul fortress (island the center).
There was a military Helicopter, in the very center of the 5M city, and (really, it was 90’s) they are offering an sightseeing over the city. Okay, said mom, this is our last money for food, but I’m really want both of you to fly over the Petersburg.

Damn, that was an ultimate dream for a boy. Sure we go. It was not very comfortable, we fly along the river south-east, then back, but while we are flying over the Fortress, the helicopter ramp suddenly opened, and the paratroopers staying near the ramp just… dissapears. They goes out like you goes in the bathroom. In the air. Out.

I was so shocked, you can’t imagine. I can’t talk before we landed.
20 years have passed, I have AFF, 100+ skydiving jumps. I can easy repeat their trick and land in 10×10 ft. But in the memory I just have them… work wonders.

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