Recoil absorbing 12 gauge prototype

IIRc, they pretty much resolved that issue, but it had pretty serious problems with overheating. Firing a bullet produces a huge amount of heat, some of which exits through the barrel behind the bullet, but much of which is absorbed by the shell casing

How about an HK 51?

Completely custom build. Built on a PTR-91 Inc receiver, and with a factory German G3 parts kit. RCM CHF Barrel. IFG-made faux suppressor w/ exhaust ports. HK21 Clubfoot stock, custom Parabellum Combat System’s Two-stage heavy buffer. Video of me and the rifle:

Marines rush across a danger area in Fallujah in later 2004. It was the only battle in the history of the Marine Corps in which fliers were dropped to alert the enemy when the Marines would begin their sweep.

I will tell you who gives away their plans–a military force who practices moral leadership. Fallujah attracted foreign fighters from all over the Middle East, and many of the insurgents were residents of Fallujah. Fallujah had hundreds of thousands of civilians–women, children, and the

D-Day, Operation Overlord – June 6, 1944

You did nothing wrong; it was this exchange I responded to: “[–]HAGOODMANAUTHOR 2 points 11 hours ago Your grandfather must have been a courageous, and amazing human being. [–]MikeGayner 10 points 10 hours ago Or possibly an unwitting conscript. Let’s be honest.” What the

Gilboa Snake Double Barrell AR

>That thought crossed my mind, but it seemed like a pretty terrible joke. It’s the sort of joke most of us on Reddit are used to. >Why pretend it’s his? Given that it’s a screenshot of a YouTube video it’s pretty clear that he’s

Norwegian Skjold-class corvette covered in ice

And it would also be completely impractical in its intended role, or for any other conceivable role the Norwegian Navy would be interested in filling. Hybrid propulsion was actually used initially, but served no real purpose in a craft designed to operate in coastal

Cabot Guns Mirror Image Matched Pair 1911s

yeah thats the one i saw, I also saw [these](, but he uses the stock on those. People have tons of videos shooting 2 desert eagles at once, though not very effective at all, just looks badass.

Norinco M305 in Sage EBR Chassis.

Yeah, like with milled vs stamped AK receivers. Milled is stronger than stamped, but it does not matter in practicality. “A stamped receiver will last you a lifetime, a milled will last two” so to speak. Sure, milled may be “nicer,” but both work

Head On with the Osprey , looking nothing short of a Sci-Fi machine

What? |platform|range|top speed|capacity| |:–|:–|:–|:–| V-22|870nmi|351mph|20000lb internally/10000lb externally CH-46|550nmi|166mph|5000lb CH-53E|540nmi|196mph|30000 internally/externally CH-53K|460nmi|196mph|35000 internally/externally Super and King Stallions can carry more, but the V-22s can carry it further and faster than anything else the USMC has. Also, the newest heavy helo, the CH-53K, costs $20M *more*

Anatomy: Eight WWII Rifles

The thing is that lend-lease was signed in October 1941. The Germans basically lost the Battle of Moscow by the mid of November and by the start of December the Russians started their counter attack. They did get some British tanks and airplanes for

Assault rifles and Carabines

The concept of the assault rifle is from taking a full power rifle cartridge and shortening it down to a smaller round because the extra power and range was not necessary for most engagements. If you trace the origin of the assault rifle to

US Navy SEAL moments before a HALO Jump

I understand why there is some debate around whether this is indeed a HALO jump or not, but I will stick by my original naming of the title. Oxygen is not required for HALO jumps, only upwards of ~18,000ft ASL is oxygen required, and

Staple gun turned into actual gun

Imagine it… he corners his boss in the office, deranged face. He shoots his boss in each knee cap. He takes one step after another. leans in and whispers, “I believe you have my stapler”.

U.S. Fleet off Okinawa in 1945

This is really simplifying it but the Commander Amphibious Task Force (CATF) is responsible for sea control and assigning the designated operational areas as well as wave assignments and all that. They would work with the Commander Landing Force (CLF) using liaisons in combat

Control room of the UB-110 German submarine, 1918.

I remember reading this in a comment last time this picture was posted. It seems like a strange way to kill people. Shaftoe’s not sure if he approves of everything that is implied by this U-boat. Shaftoe has killed Chinese bandits on the banks
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