Very large US Navy Carrier Battle Group.

Russia and China don’t really have carrier battle groups, so they don’t use submarines to protect them. The whole Soviet naval strategy for war with the US was to block reinforcement of NATO forces in Europe by cutting off the sea lanes from the


The Climber is a great choice. For being so common, you’d think I’d have one in my collection but I don’t yet. What was your old SAK? And how are you liking the nylon scales as compared to the cellidor?

Soviet convoy in Afghanistan

The Bear Went over the Mountain focuses on the Russian side of the conflict, pulling from officers vignettes and an analysis of them by the Frunze military academy, followed by Lester Grau’s own analysis; It features detailed accounts of movements and emplacements where needed

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Makarov PMm 9x18mm

The main quest will run you about 8 hours if you know what you’re doing. There’s multiple factions and NPCs with stuff to do along the way. The game also has a big mod scene even still. They’re worth a look, especially the sequels,

2nd Mega Obsidian Knife

Initial thoughts are: “It looks like a dildo with a poorly thought out and unsafe handle.” “Tetanus. I better get my shot updated just in case.” Still though, it’s pretty interesting to say the least. I like the organic and fluid look of the

M60 Echo6

M60 is commonly refereed to as The Pig. My comment is in reference to the MK48 posted by the same user that I thought I was posting on. I’ve been drinking beers all night by the fire and may be slightly retarded to begin

Grinning behind the wheel of a war-weary ZSU-23-4 in Syria

Hmm? “Early versions of the ZSU-23-4 sometimes had problems with “runaway guns”: after prolonged periods of firing, the guns would get so hot that chambered rounds would “cook off” even if the operator was not pulling the trigger, discharging the weapon and chambering a

An American Sunrise – M&P 15

ummm i dont think you get what an adjustable stock is, let alone how to use it. Its a stock that can slide in and out, changing the distance from the trigger to the shoulder of the shooter. Its used by holding the gun

Trooper Nathan Bradley, faced with the task of informing four children that their parents had been killed in a car wreck on Halloween, decided to take the kids for the evening and allow them to enjoy Halloween. He also started an online fundraising campaign to help the family.

I read the story on the gofundme page yesterday it is one of the most gut wrenching things I have ever read. I’m at work and it’s all I thought about since yesterday. I don’t know how he was able to keep his composer

Being tested for earning a red beret in Belarus

I’m pretty sure they are blanks you know why? He’s firing on full auto (because it wouldn’t be good training if it were semi) and he’s also not shouldering it. That weapon, if it were shooting real rounds, would rise dramatically on even a

Gun Bay from P-51 Mustang

Even though we couldn’t get in most of them we could get up close to all of them. It was pretty awesome to get up close and see the details. The ball turret was a highlight for the kids. I hope you get more

Russian Bizon SMG with helical mag in 9x18mm Makarov

More to do with simplicity. Helical magazines are great for having to wait longer between reloads, but that’s it. They take up more space than two box magazines containing the same (or more) amount of rounds, are awkward to reload, and are very heavy.

AR-15 with wood furniture

more then you can imagine, I put the same set on one of my ARs and I haven’t taken it out more then once or twice. Just too damn sexy to take off though.

Barret .50 Cal Muzzle Blast

[Peace Activist Has To Admit Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Is Pretty Cool](,234/).

F-14 flying without a canopy

Jesus, lighten up, Francis. She’s been dead over 20 years. To answer your q, I read a bio of her (the title was something like “Call Sign Revlon”, mostly because I like reading flying books. Feminism . . . bores me. The book detailed

Peter R Rapture – Titanium, S90V, 20 made

Maybe. I’m not sure. I know he’s said he won’t make anymore. You might be able to find one going on the bladeforums for sale at some point. If it does show up it’ll prolly go fast. I’ve checked the popular high end custom

Indian soldiers at Siachen, the highest army outpost on earth

> You do realize that literally no other country that makes it’s own small arms has to deal with that right? The fact that you can rationalize your way out of it is hilarious though. Literally? Okay, let’s see. “Beginning intensely in 1966,

Rippel twin 40mm multiple grenade launcher

[Source]( >South African Rippel is presenting its Double Mount for the Rippel Effect MSGL40 and XRGL40 weapon systems. The System is a buffered soft mount system that can be used as a primary or secondary weapon for vehicles and boats. The 40mm grenade launcher