Norinco M305 mk14 EBR project

Beautiful pic and build. I fucking hate our import ban, stateside. I wouldn’t be surprised if you spent more on the chassis than the rifle itself. You should really get a normal scope mount that bolts to the receiver, though. Even a cheap one

Brügger & Thomet VP-9 pointed downrange

Incorrect. The tranquilizer guns weren’t introduced into the series until Metal Gear Solid 2. The weapons in those games were MGS2: Beretta 92fs MGS3: Smith & Wesson 39/Mk22 mod 0 hushpuppy FP-45 Liberator (EZ gun) MGS4: Ruger MkII MGSV: based off the* Remington Auto

The Tu-160 “Blackjack”

The TU 160 is absolutely massive and insanely fast. It’s max takeoff weight is 275 000kg, yet it can still reach mach 2. Compared to similar US bombers, the closest in speed is the B1 which gets up to Mach 1,6. In carry capacity

A study in absurdity: North American Arms Mini Revolver

They are surprisingly accurate, if hard to shoot well in factory configuration. [Test with laser sight, I wanted to link a different accuracy test but that has been made private.]( [Even semi-passable with defensive ammo if you need an ultra-concealable option, and do not

Denel NTW-20 anti-material rifle

No. Anti-Materiel is a designation indicating that it’s meant for use against military equipment, like armored vehicles. Its counterpart is the Anti-Personnel designation, which indicates for use against human targets. Here’s an example of the difference from the wikipedia page, put in terms of


The Stridsfordon 90, or Combat Vehicle 90, from BAE Systems AB. An advanced platform in use by the Swedish armed forces since 1993 and exported to various European nations. The main Swedish version is the [infantry fighting vehicle](, featuring an impressive 40mm Bofors autocannon.

German MedEvac helicopter (CH-53) near Mazar-e Sharif

Yup, the RAF painted their chinooks a nice desert pink/sand for GW 1. Stood out like a cock at a convent and had to be painted over with black paint and brushes bought at a DIY store.

Bronze Magnum Research .50AE Desert Eagle

As far as I know it just needs a barrel. Since that American company bought it, no. IMI doesn’t make them any more so good luck finding one. I would suggest having one made. It’s the same size and configuration with a smaller bore.
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